Your First 3-Course Menu [YF3CM]

Better than a cooking class! A simple guide to prepare a 3-course menu for 2, paired with the right wines (recipes, cooking videos and wines included)

This course has been designed for

beginner & intermediate home-cooks

Real French recipes that actually work:

French-style cured salmon "canapé"

Juicy Beef fillet with garlic and rosemary

Creamy French Potato Gratin dauphinois

THE Molten Chocolate Cake, like in the best restaurants in Paris

This course will give you the step-by-step method to organize and cook a delicious 3-Course meal with wines that will impress your loved one.

"YF3CM is the best done-for-you solution to create the perfect romantic French dinner for two"


"I'm excited to take your course. I quickly watched how you cut dill. I had no idea dipping dill the way you did is the proper way to clean that. I already learned something new. 😊" Shira H.


Even if you have a little experience and you don't know where to start, you can do this too.

What if there could be a place where you could find everything you need to know, learn and organise to cook your first 3-course menu with wine pairing, in just 1 week ?

Imagine a beautiful place, different from all you've seen until now, where everything is made simple for you. A place where you could learn intimidating recipes made super easy, with first class tools like time plans, grocery lists, wine pairings, wine lists, short "how to" videos and awesome "out of the box" cooking tips in just one clic.


In this course you'll get access to a comprehensive set of videos, outstanding documents, beautiful pictures and awesome recipes which will take you from "lost in my kitchen" to a "Superhero with an apron".

We all know the feeling of desperately trying to organise, cook and buy the perfect wine for a nice Holiday meal or a dinner for a special occasion. It takes a lot of time and it's so stressful. Maybe you are that person right now, and you're ready to step to the next level, you're ready to get rid of al this stress. The truth is, how can we know all these things ? No one is born a chef or a wine expert.


Your First 3-Course Menu online course is a cozy and comfortable place where you can learn to cook like a french Chef at your own pace, from everywhere in the world.

You don't want to spend a lot of time searching for recipes in your cookbooks, and looking for cooking videos on Youtube, because it doesn't feel good, you're not sure if it's gonna work and you have more important things to do. You want to have all the tools and be as relaxed as possible and enjoy your time during the dinner.

What's included?

The course includes :
  • four luxurious recipes : Appetizer, Entrée with a side dish and Dessert
  • easy to follow step by step instructions in short videos
  • easy cooking techniques in videos
  • a done-for-you time plan telling you every day what to do, buy or cook during one week
  • a grocery list for 2
  • nice printable recipes
  • nice printable Menu
  • one wine paired with each meal
  • where to buy the wines
  • wine pairing 101
You will be getting all the tools and first hand experience you need to help you rapidly organize and cook a great meal you love while being relaxed...even if you have no experience, or aren't sure where to begin.

Stop wasting your time! Everything you need to prepare and cook your first Menu will be forever available on your devices in just one click.

Your First 3-Course Menu is the first online course where you can find everything you need without wasting hours on searching for what to cook, how to cook it, what kitchen tool to use, what wine to pair, where to buy the right wine.

And that's not all ! After having cooked the most simple and luxurious menu, you're going to impress your friends about all the things you know about food & wine pairing (it's easy, really).

Your Instructor

Virginie Consort
Virginie Consort

Bonjour! I'm Virginie, modern French cooking & success coach living in French Riviera. I am also a mom of a 7-year old little gourmette girl, a home chef, lover of fine wines and jazz music. I'm a trained chef with a background in chemistry and wine tasting.

I'm here to inspire and help YOU, the passionate or aspiring home-cook to take action and cook easy, but unforgettable French meals.

There's a way to do exactly that, and it has nothing to do with chasing thousands of recipes all over the place. Recipes are like bandages, they'll help you satisfy a short need, but they won't make you feel more confident, or give you this feeling of freedom to cook whatever you want. The real long term power comes from the right gestures, knowledge, techniques and little secrets who are kept "secret", indeed. And sometimes knowing some of those secrets won't help you either, because you're alone in your kitchen, trying to figure out everything by yourself...

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-study online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of this course, we do not offer refunds. But there's another reason: I want you to succeed. When you join the course, you're committing and that's the first step to successful self-study. No back-tracking allowed. Onwards and upwards!
How long do I have access to this course?
Register for YF3CM once and you'll have lifetime access to the course, which will continuously be updated with any new videos and course materials.
Could I find this information for free online?
You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it's actually valuable and adapted to your busy life? Not sure! One of the reasons I created this course is because there are so much incorrect recipes and outdated cooking videos online (Truly!). If you have the time and patience to search for dozen of videos and create your own menu with wine pairing, and you don't mind if it's going to work or not, then go for it. But, seriously, does anyone have time for that? I've done the hard work for you and have tested everything several times. I've created additional and exclusive resources that you won't find anywhere else online. All you need to do now is enjoy the learning process. Think of it this way: anyone could pick up a pair of scissors and call themselves a hairdresser. But do you want your hair cut by someone who is "guessing" or someone who is an expert at cutting hair? The same thing goes for the information you find online. You could watch a video on YouTube with outdated and incorrect information and hope for the best, or you could learn from someone who has spent hundreds of hours in a professional kitchen and has the same busy life as you. Your choice. But one may leave you with a bad haircut and the other may completely change your life.

Get started now!